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The Thyroid Truths Diet Guide

A comprehensive guide to heal your thyroid, lose weight and regain your health. 

The Thyroid Truths Diet Guide is a no nonsense approach to food and diets as they relate to healing your thyroid. The information found in this book is both easy to understand and easy to integrate into everyday life.

Learn the lifestyle changes that allowed me to heal myself, and many of my patients with hypothyroidism! 

Some benefits include

  • Increase Energy

  • Weight loss

  • better digestion

  • balanced mood

  • Improved skin

This guide incorporates the latest research and is designed to provide you with an anti-inflammatory way of eating all while offering dietary guidance to help you on your journey to thyroid balance. With chapters such as “The Iodine Debate”, “Food Sensitivities” and “Going Gluten Free” the Thyroid Truths Diet Guide dives into many topics that are crucial to understanding how food impacts thyroid health. Dr. Lipinski has also created two versions of the classic Autoimmune Paleo Diet, so individuals can choose a lifestyle that truly works for them. In addition, the book includes 30+ thyroid friendly recipes that have been tried and tested by Dr. Lipinski herself.

"A super helpful resource for anyone dealing with thyroid issues! From anti inflammation diets, to weight loss, to the most current information on thyroid health, this e-book has it all! Highly recommend it!"

     - Richard

"Within 3 days of implementing her suggestions I lost 3lbs. Within a week my skin significantly cleared up (I’m looking forward to more changes as I continue to follow this plan). I have also found the my head feels less foggy, a symptom I didn’t realize I had until starting this plan. I’m so glad my friend recommended this I can’t wait to see what other benefits I get!"

     - Amazon customer

"This is a very thoughtful and informative read. Even if you don’t have issues with your thyroid, this book offers insights into how food impacts your day to day life with some great tips and recipes. Thanks Emily!"

     - Julie

Learn how to eat for your thyroid and take back your health! 

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