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The 5 Step Thyroid Detox 

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Are you always tired? 
Can't seem to lose weight?
Do you have hypothyroidism or another autoimmunity?

Over five days, complete five different actionable steps to detox your thyroid from toxic substances. The detox should be continued for thirty days in order to allow the body to fully cleanse.

Benefits of the Thyroid Detox

Reduce toxic exposure

Can improve thyroid function over time

Improve energy levels

Reduce Inflammation

Encourage weight loss

Empower yourself!


Meet Emily


I'm Dr. Emily, a naturopathic doctor and Author. After experiencing my own journey with thyroid dysfunction, I am dedicated to helping women heal and feel their best.


Women everywhere have no idea that they are exposing themselves to toxic substances on a daily basis that could be harming their thyroids. This detox will provide you with the right information to empower you to take charge of your own health!

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