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Some Truths About Your Thyroid

The Thyroid is a small (but powerful) butterfly shaped gland located in your neck. This little organ produces hormones that provide energy for each one of your cells in your body.


The thyroid produces two primary hormones: T3 and T4. The body regulates the production of these hormones by sending signals from the pituitary gland (located in your brain) by way of another hormone, known as TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). 

Thyroid Truths | Thyroid 101
Thyroid Truths | Thyroid 101 | Thyroid health

Typically, when the thyroid begins to function abnormally, the brain should respond by talking to the thyroid and increasing or decreasing the amount of TSH released, in turn, increasing or decreasing the amount of T3 and T4 hormones released by the thyroid. In clinical practice, abnormal thyroid function is identified by measuring the level of TSH in the blood.

The problem is, in my experience, testing TSH alone does not provide a full picture of what is happening with the thyroid gland. TSH levels cannot only vary from day to day, but one's brain may not respond with an adequate TSH level to account for what is happening with the thyroid gland's hormone production.

The mighty thyroid hormones that are responsible for many important tasks in your body, including regulating your metabolism!

Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease

Further, many individuals have an abnormal thyroid due to autoimmune disease. These people will develop markers in the blood known as antibodies (most commonly antibody TPO) that attack the thyroid. Again, sometimes the brain does not repond with an adequate TSH response to the change in thyroid even though these antibodies are present!


Countless individuals have symptoms of thyroid disease despite the TSH blood test being normal. 

When the thyroid is under attack by antibodies, it will not function optimally- leading to symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of a Thyroid Disorder

"Puffiness" in the face

Trouble Sleeping

Muscle & Joint Pain

Low Energy

Unexplained Weight Gain

Mood Irregularities

Suspect you may have a thyroid disorder? Dr. Emily can help. Please fill out the contact form to request a consultation, and begin your journey to wellness.

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