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Healing Your Thyroid Naturally:
Dr. Emily Lipinski's Latest Book

A complete guide to improving thyroid health through diet and other natural remedies.

Available now for purchase!

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About Healing Your Thyroid Naturally

Healing Your Thyroid Naturally incorporates the latest research in thyroid health while also offering a practical plan. Starting with an easy-to-grasp "Thyroid 101" chapter, Dr. Lipinski highlights many topics that are integral to understanding thyroid health, including:


  • An overview of key tests and medications

  • Surprising sources of thyroid toxicity-and what to do about them

  • How some of the biggest health trends pertain to thyroid health, including intermittent fasting, the keto diet, and CBD use, as well as herbs and supplements

  • Cutting edge treatments and therapies


With the Thyroid Healing Diet, a customizable, food-based plan to help you reclaim your energy and your health, and 50 recipes to get you started, you will find improved energy, digestion; reduction of thyroid antibody levels; balanced mood; and even weight loss.

In short, Healing Your Thyroid Naturally provides all the tools you need to take charge of your health and restore balance.

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