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Emily is available to see patients online via video chat Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Use the button below to book an appointment, and experience the convenience of Telemedicine today!

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Find out if telemedicine with
Dr. Emily Lipiniski is right for you. 

Thanks for submitting!If you are looking to work with Dr. Lipinski online, please use the "book video appointment" above.

Six Ways Emily can Help to Improve your Health

  1. Assist with building personalized nutrition plans to improve energy, mood and help you reach your weight goals

  2. Suggest targeted, evidence-based supplements

  3. Provide advice based on cutting edge current science blended with traditional natural based therapies

  4. Help to incorporate easy and effective stress management tools into your life

  5. Identify toxins or chemicals that you may unknowingly be exposed to that could be harming your health

  6. If you reside in Ontario Emily can order blood tests and prescribe certain medications as a Naturopathic Doctor

What Makes Emily Different?

With a background in medical research and training as a Naturopathic Doctor, Emily deeply believes in using evidence based natural therapies to promote healing and wellness. After overcoming Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism herself, Emily truly understands how it feels to be tired, overweight, moody and unwell and has not only helped herself, but many other patients improve thyroid symptoms, lose weight and regain their health. Emily is dedicated to helping her patients and clients feel their best as well as being committed to constant and continual learning in the area of health and wellness, with a focus on natural thyroid healing. 

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