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Dr. Emily in the Media 

Dr. Emily has many areas of expertise, such as thyroid healing, mental health and weight loss.


Her varied practice has allowed her to develop knowledge in many other areas, and she is always interested in sharing credible information about various health issues and general wellness.  

Below you can find links to podcasts and radio shows that Dr. Lipinski has been featured on. 

For those interested in having Emily appear on a podcast, talk show, or in-person speaking engagement, please email Dr Lipinski at

Please contact Dr. Lipinski if you are interested in viewing her full media guide.



Essential Oils and Thyroid
Essential Oil Uses
Leaky Gut and Hyperthyroid
Thyroid Disease Factor
Ashwagandha and Thyroid
Alternative to Thyroid Medication
Common Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism
Symptoms of Concern


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A New Cycle

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