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Experience optimal energy, lasting weight loss, and feel in control of your health.

Helping You Feel Your Best

Stress Management 

Find practical, researched based solutions to deal with stress and help to mitigate it's effects on the body. Dr. Emily can help you create a personalized stress management plan, utilizing evidence based natural therapies.

Thyroid Health 

Coming from personal experience with a thyroid disorder, Dr. Emily understands how difficult it can be to achieve thyroid balance.


*Dr. Emily also has prescription rights for the use of prescribing certain thyroid medications and hormones.

Weight Loss

Long term weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but it is achievable with the right guidance. Optimizing weight often requires looking at many aspects of a patients health, including hormonal balance, diet, exercise, stress and sleep.

Mood Disorders

Mood can be affected by diet, sleep, nutritional support and stress management. Dr. Emily can help you design a comprehensive plan to encourage positive mental health and stability.

Start Your Healing Journey Today


Healing Your Thyroid Naturally

A comprehensive guide to healing your thyroid naturally. Order the book on Amazon, Indigo, and where most books are sold.

Finding the root of your health issues and healing them, naturally.

Dr. Emily Lipinski is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and is passionate about helping people heal naturally.  

Emily strongly believes in addressing the root cause of a medical issue and using natural - therapies either alone or in conjunction with conventional western medicine.

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