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Magic Warming Socks for reducing fevers and colds in kids

Magic socks, also known as wet warming socks, is an age old hydrotherapy treatment for helping to reduce head congestion and gently lowering fevers in children. Hydrotherapy is the use of water as a treatment. It can come in various forms, like using a sauna or therapy pools or in the form of wet socks! It is referred to as warming sock therapy because although it involves putting on cold wet socks at night, the socks become warmed overnight. This therapy is particularly is effective at the first sign of a cold or flu , for relieving nasal congestion, sore throat and ear infections Anytime that reducing acute congestion in the head is desired, the magic sock treatment may be beneficial.

The body first reacts to the application of cold socks by increasing circulation to warm the feet, which then stimulates the immune system and drains congestion from the head and upper respiratory passages.

The Wet Socks Treatment may also beneficial as a preventative measure if a child is feeling run down or may have been around other children that are sick. Essentially, this treatment can be used on a regular basis, or at least during the winter months to boost the immune system and help prevent infections.

The Magic Sock Procedure

Step 1: Before going to bed for the night, soak a thin pair of cotton socks in very cold tap water.

Step 2: Wring out the cotton socks as well as possible they should still be wet, but not dripping wet

Step 3: If your child's feet are already cold, place them in a basin or bathtub of warm water and soak them for a few minutes until they are hot and pink. Remove your feet and quickly dry them off.

Step 4: Put on the cold wet cotton soaks and cover them with the pair of dry wool socks.

Step 5: Put your child directly to bed and keep the their feet covered throughout the night.

You can repeat the magic sock treatment over many nights, especially if your child is fighting a head cold.

How do Magic Socks Work?

  1. This treatment increases blood circulation in the body and stimulated the immune system

  2. Magic Socks help to decrease congestion in the head by increasing circulation and directing it at the feet

  3. Parents report that their children can sleep better at night when wearing magic socks. More rest can also improve the immune system response and help fight off the cold/flu

Have you tried Magic Socks with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!


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