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3 Homeopathic Remedies to Always have On Hand for Kids

Homeopathy, also known as homeopathic medicine, is a type of medicine that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. Homeopathy is the use of natural remedies that are given in extremely diluted doses, often in the form of tiny sugar pills or pellets. This type of medicine uses the ancient law of similars: “Let like be cured by like.” It was founded by the doctor and pharmacist Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), who had developed it systematically by applying homeopathic substances to volunteers who noted the beneficial effects. As it is based on unconventional theories, its usefulness has been greatly questioned over the years and many scientists have claimed that homeopathy doesn't work. Despite this, millions of people world wide do not agree with these statements and have continued to use and believe in homeopathic remedies. And now, the tide with the scientific community regarding homeopathy may be turning "A recent 2022 study published in nature concluded that "Individualized homeopathy showed a clinically relevant and statistically robust effect in the treatment of ADHD". Another 2016 study concluded that a "homeopathic preparation as add-on treatment improved the resolution of fever and URTI-related symptoms in preadolescent children, led to earlier symptom alleviation, reduced the use of symptomatic medication, and was well tolerated." And various other case studies have presented evidence over the years to support the use of homeopathic medicines.

When I first embarked on my journey as a health care provider, I also questioned the use of homeopathic remedies, especially as they were so often questioned in the scientific community. However over the years, I have certainly seen benefit from the use of these remedies, especially in the pediatric population.

There are several remedies I always keep on hand for my family and my kids. They come in very small bottles (only about 2 inches long) and thus also makes them easy to travel with!

Homeopathic remedies are often selected by observing both physical and mental symptoms in the patient. Therefore, when describing how a certain remedy may be beneficial for various conditions, the mental and physical states will be noted.

3 Homeopathic Remedies for Kids

1. Arnica Montana. Even if you have never heard of homeopathic remedies before, many have heard of this natural remedy. It has been well known and used to help with trauma, especially when bruising is involved. Arnica is also useful for:

  • restlesness

  • irritability

  • sprains, strains and concussions

  • injuries and bleeding from trauma and accidents

  • falls and blows

  • after surgery swelling

2. Chamomilla. Another very well known homeopathic remedy, chamomilla is often the go-to remedy for restlessness and discomfort brought on from teething.

Chamomilla is also useful for:

  • fussiness

  • colic

  • colds with a watery, hot, runny nose

  • fevers when the child often alternates between feeling hot and cold

  • ear infections

  • anger and irritability

3. Belladonna. This remedy has been called into question as the whole plant preparation of Belladonna is dangerous and toxic. However the homeopathic preparation of belladonna has been concluded to be nontoxic and I have found it to be tremendously helpful with my children. Belladonna can be very helpful to use when the child is teething and I found it to be excellent for diaper rash.

Belladonna is also useful for:

  • biting, hitting and moaning

  • hypersensitivity to surroundings

  • red sore throat

  • hot head

  • bright face and dry hot skin

  • twitching in the sleep

Have you had benefit with homeopathic remedies? Or do you have any questions about homeopathy? Leave your comments below!

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